Determine the Base Color

The color of the diamond depends on the unique sample and growing process of each diamond.  Tint of the diamond is achieved by the inclusion of individual elements, such as nitrogen or boron in the diamond crystal lattice. For instance, the inclusion of just a few atoms per million nitrogen can add a significant yellow tint to the diamond.

White-Blue Diamonds

Carat RoughCut
.25 ctn/a$3,999
.3 ct$2,999$4,700
.4 ct$4,050$5,900
.5 ct$5,400$8,100
.6 ct$6,750$10,800
.7 ct$8,100$12,690
.8 ct$10,260$15,660
.9 ct$11,610$18,360
1.0 ct$12,960$20,250
1.25 ct$18,090$27,062
1.5 ct$20,250$33,314
2.0 ct$29,700$47,814

Yellow, Green, Pink, Red Diamond